This was one of the sloppiest rides I have ever ridden. It is rivaled only by the Sludge Fest know as Original Sin after a week of rain. I do not know exactly what I missed because it was the first time to Vedder. However, sliding uncontrollably after every stunt was fun. After making it to the bottom with only one minor body abuse we took a dip in the lake. That was refreshing until we got out and had to weight for Sam and Craig to get back. At that point it became quite cold with out clothes, this made the return of our comrades a pleasant event.  

Awsome Keg Refrigerator

MBNA... Nice Touch

Jesse and Ross
Craig and Sam, our Babies
ROCK ON Barbara

Craig, Alwayse in a Good mood
Ross in True Ross Fassion

Excited to be Freezing our Asses Off
Umm... Splash