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George Turkiyyah's Papers

Lindblad, A.J., Turkiyyah, G.M., Weghorst, S.J. and Berg, D. (2006). Real-Time Finite Element Based Virtual Tissue Cutting. Presented at MMVR 2006, 24-27 January 2006, Long Beach, CA.

Lindblad, A.J., Turkiyyah, G.M., Sankanaranayanan, G., Weghorst, S.J. and Berg, D. (2004). Two-handed next generation suturing simulator. In J.D. Westwood et al. Proceedings of MMVR 2004, pp. 215-220.

Berkley J., Turkiyyah, G., Berg D., Ganter M. and Weghorst S. (2004). Real-Time Finite Element Modeling for Surgery Simulation: An Application to Virtual Suturing. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 10(3), 1-12. [Available online under other terms]

Berg, D., Berkley, J., Weghorst, S., Raugi, G., Turkiyyah, G., Ganter. M., Quintanilla, F. and Oppenheimer, P. (2001). Issues in Validation of a Dermatologic Surgery Simulator. In Proceedings of Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 2001, pp. 60-65.