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Rich Johnston's Papers

Seibel, E.J., Johnston, R.S. and Melville, C.D. (2006). A full-color scanning fiber endoscope. Proc. SPIE, 6083, 9-16. [Available online under other terms]

Seibel, E.J., Soper, T.D., Johnston, R.S. and Glenny, R.W. (2005). Ultrathin laser scanning bronchoscope and guidance system for peripheral lung. Presented at 11th World Conference on Lung Cancer, 3-6 July 2005, Barcelona, Spain.

Barhoum, E.S., Johnston, R.S., and Seibel, E.J. (2005). Optical modeling of an ultrathin scanning fiber endoscope, a preliminary study of confocal versus non-confocal detection. OSA Optics Express, 13(19), 7548-7562. [Authoritative version]

Johnston, R.S. and Seibel, E.J. (2004). Scanning fiber endoscope prototype performance. Presented at Frontiers in Optics 2004, October 13, 2004, Rochester, NY.

Viirre, E., Johnston, R., Pryor, H. and Nagata, S. (1997). Laser Safety Analysis of a Retinal Scanning Display System. Journal of Laser Applications, 9(4), 253-260.

Viirre, E.S., Johnston, R.S., Pryor, H.L. and Nagata, S. (1997). Laser Safety Analysis Of A Scanned Light Display. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, Abstract Book - Part II, A38(4), 4706-B213, S1011.

Johnston, R.S. and Willey, S. (1995). Development of a Commercial Virtual Retinal Display. In Stephens, W. and Haworth, L.A. Proceedings of Helmet- and Head-Mounted Displays and Symbology Design, pp. 2-13.

Tidwell, M., Johnston, R.S., Melville, D. and Furness, T.A. (1995). The Virtual Retinal Display - A Retinal Scanning Imaging System. In Proceedings of Virtual Reality World '95, pp. 325-333.