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Alex Lindblad

Research Assistant
Currently associated with the Fast Finite Element Modeling for Surgical Simulation project.

Alex graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Minnesota in 2000 and Master of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Washington in 2001.

He joined the HIT Lab in 2003 with the prospect of working on cutting edge technology not present elsewhere in the University. In particular Alex wanted to acquire the skills necessary to work on inter-disciplinary teams developing real-time applications/simulations

His main research interests include:
- Real-time applications that utilize physical based modeling to enhance human-computer interaction and give virtual environments added realism and increased
- Design and implementation of software that allows for feasibility testing of new,
and technically challenging, applications.
- Development of high level scripting languages to increase user efficiency.

Alex’s educational background is as a civil engineer, specifically a structural engineer. His previous research includes:
- Developed a large-scale interactive data acquisition framework for use in the
structural engineering laboratory at the University of Minnesota
- Created analytical framework for interactive real-time FE modeling of multiple
structural design alternatives using Java and Swing.
- Developed GUI and scripting language in C++ for analysis of fiber discretized
reinforced concrete cross sections using centroidal voronoi tessellations.
- Investigated and implemented a particle-in-cell method to model non-linear
collisions between a 1-D rod and a rigid wall using Java and Swing.

Awards and recognition:

- Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship -
2002 to 2006
- Valle Fellowship - 2000 to 2001
- NSF Graduate Fellowship Honorable Mention - 2000
- University of Minnesota Department of Civil Engineering Citation For Outstanding
Undergraduate Achievement - 2000
- MGA Fritz Corrigan Scholar of the Year - 1998
- Evans Scholarship, Tuition and Housing Scholarship for Caddies - 1995 to 2000

Alex enjoys rock climbing, basketball and golf. He has a particular interest in sustainable living, alternative building materials and organic gardening.