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Brandon Tuttle

Research Assistant
Currently associated with the Micro-optical fabrication of a fiber scanning system project.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California at Davis in 1997, Brandon worked for Coherent, Inc. as a junior engineer. He eventually moved into R&D where he combined his mechanical background with his recently acquired knowledge about lasers and optics. He then specialized in designing and prototyping mechanical, optical, and thermal elements of low power semiconductor laser systems used for medicine, science, and general industrial applications. Brandon also obtained project management experience leading teams of 10-12 members performing new product introduction tasks based on customer-specific and/or marketing driven specifications.

Brandon hoped to further his interest in understanding and reducing the mechanical limitations of laser optical systems and while investigating the ongoing research programs at the UW with the prospect of joining grad school, he came across Eric Seibel's scanning fiber endoscope project which seemed a perfect fit.

Currently Brandon is working on his master's thesis, which is entitled: "Delivery of therapeutic laser light using a single mode silica optical fiber in a scanning fiber endoscope system." The main thrust of this work is in determining ways to overcome the intrinsic power transmission limitations existent in small-core silica optical fiber.

Through his work in the Lab Brandon wishes to complete his master's thesis, and by doing so help push the endoscope project in a direction that may have far reaching benefits. He believes that an endoscope that not only images, but also applies laser therapy, holds great promise in the field of minimally invasive surgery. He feels that although completing his master's thesis has obvious benefits to him directly, it is his wish that his work also be worthwhile in the sense that it in some way contributes to the larger good.

Aside research Brandon enjoys traveling, and specifically touring the Northwest since he is not a native. In the winter he skies and in the summer he likes backpacking. In his spare time he also enjoys music, working on his house, and planning his next great adventure.