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Eliana Medina

Research Assistant
Currently associated with the Learning in Virtual Environments, and Augmented Tangible Molecular Models projects.

Eliana is currently pursuing a Ph.D in Cognitive Studies in Education at the University of Washington. She has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Eliana joined the HIT Lab in 2003. She is interested in computer graphics, educational software, and fascination with innovated technologies. Eliana came in touch with the Magic book technology, developed in the Lab through attending SIGGraph several times as student volunteer. She also has friends who used to work in the lab, and was very impressed with their work.

Prior to joining the HIT Lab Eliana spent two years working as a programmer for a computer Graphics Laboratory at a University in Venezuela. After graduation she worked as a researcher on a project involving modeling with implicit surfaces. Her Masters thesis was a cooperative project between the computer science and medicine department. It was largely based upon digital imaging in the medical field.

In addition, Eliana worked in web and database development, and learned management systems research as a contractor.

Her main research interest is using technology for educational purposes, in particular, using digital games and simulations as tools to enhance learning and teaching.

Eliana wishes to achieve more knowledge in the development and assessment of emerging technologies, and grow in a professional and personal level

In her free time Eliana enjoys drawing, animation, music, reading, movies, roller-skating, and traveling.