Peter Oppenheimer

Research Engineer
Treetown Project

A computer graphics artist, Mr. Oppenheimer's evolution into three dimensional output media emerged from his desire to transcend the boundaries of computer aesthetics. During his nine years at the New York Institute of Technology's Computer Graphics Lab, Oppenheimer developed many of the tools he used to create his artwork. He has produced experimental film and video production, still artwork, music videos and computer graphics projections for live theater and music performances.

Mr. Oppenheimer received a master's in computer science from Stanford and an A.B. in mathematics from Princeton. He has worked at IBM Watson Research Center with Benoit Mandelbrot, Bell Labs, and New York Institute of Technology before arriving at the HIT Lab.

Work:  HITLab, U. of Washington FJ-15, Seattle, WA 98195
Voice: +1.206.685.3215 FAX: +1.206.543.5380

Email: peter(at)

Human Interface Technology Lab