Knowledge Base Project - Toni Emerson

Email: temerson(at) / Phone: 616-1423

The Knowledge Base (KB) Project has a number of functions within the HIT Lab:

* maintains WWW site

* tracks publications

* develops information resources, such as bibliographies

* assists students and staff in identifying and locating relevant information

* customized research on a project-by-project basis

HITL Catalog:

To find books/periodicals/technical reports/conference papers/theses and dissertations that the HITL Library owns, use this database. The HITL catalog is updated weekly.

On the Net:

Reference WWW pages developed by KB Project -- meta links to VR research centers, application pages, and excellent VR commercial directory, updated _daily_

Knowledge Base Project:

Comprehensive bibliography updated weekly, searchable online; technical reports targeting application areas /


USENET newsgroup moderated by KB Project, current information on research, technology and commercial resources great FAQs

Online Publications to download and read:

NCSA's Science for the Millenium - Expo Theater/Virtual Environments

Introducing Virtual Environments

The Encyclopedia of Virtual Environments:

Hand, Chris. Virtual Environment Bibliography

Isdale, J. (1998, September) What is VR?

CyberEdge Information Services. The Virtual Lexicon: a Glossary of VR Terms.

Ellis, S. What are Virtual Environments? IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications.

Ellis, S. (1996). Virtual Environments and Environmental Instruments, In Simulated and Virtual Realities, Taylor & Francis: 1996.

Manetta, C. and Blade, R. (1995). Glossary of VR Terminology. The International Journal of Virtual Reality, 1(2), 35-39.

Stanney, Mourant and Kennedy. (1998). Human Factors Issues in Virtual Environments: A Review of the Literature. Presence, 7(4), 327-351. Available online in PDF format:

Youngblut, C. et. al (1996). Review of Virtual Environment Interface Technology. IDA Paper P-3186, produced by Institute for Defense Analyses.