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    Zenobio Institute


    designed and virtual environments

    time and space in the urban landscape 1 July-27 July 1996

    In the search for the inherent expressions which are contained in the digital medium, this workshop will explore techniques which can describe and simulate built and imagined environments. It proposes new and different ways to represent design ideas, because it incorporates the dynamics of time as well as space. This laboratory exercise will familiarise partiicpants with geometric modelling, the construction of virtual worlds, and the socio/cultural implications of the ability to simulate these environments in real-time locally and remotely.

    James N. Davidson, AIA, CEDeS Project Manager - Seattle
    Michael Carapetian - Venice/Los Angeles/London
    Andrea Poletti - Venice, Mark Lee - Los Angeles/Hong-Kong
    critic and consultants
    Dace A. Campbell, Virtual Architect, HIT Lab Research Consultant

    costs $1,650 US dollars including accomodation

    Zenobio Institute Laboratory for the New Urban Landscape