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fMRI Research on Virtual Reality Analgesia's Papers

Hoffman, H.G., Richards, T.L., Bills, A.R., Van Oostrom, T., Magula, J., Seibel, E.J. and Sharar, S.R. (2006). Using FMRI to study the neural correlates of virtual reality analgesia. CNS Spectrums, 11(1), 45-51. [Available online:]

Hoffman, H.G., Richards, T.L., Coda, B., Bills, A.R., Blough, D., Richards, A.L. and Sharar, S.R. (2004). Modulation of thermal pain-related brain activity with virtual reality: evidence from fMRI. Neuroreport., 15(8), 1245-1248.

Hoffman, H.G., Richards, T., Coda, B., Richards, A. and Sharar, S.R. (2003). The illusion of presence in immersive virtual reality during and fMRI brain scan. CyberPsychology & Behavior, 6(3), 127-131.

Hoffman, H.G., Richards, T.L., Magula, J., Seibel, E.J. Hayes, C., Mathis, M., Sharar, S.R. and Maravilla, K. (2003). A magnet-friendly virtual reality fiberoptic image delivery system. CyberPsychology & Behavior, 6(6), 645-8.