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The van-based VRRV outreach program brings VR to children in schools. The goal is to teach children to build virtual worlds to better help them understand their curriculum and help to meet specific learning goals.

A full description of the U S WEST VRRV Program will provide you with the specifics of our project.

The VRRV project has the potential to be one of the most visible and extensive projects undertaken by the HIT Lab. The U S WEST VRRV Management Plan helps us to achieve our goals, and assess our progress towards those goals on an ongoing basis.

The U S WEST VRRV Nebraska Outreach Program was a one year outreach project designed to expose the educational system in and around Omaha Nebraska, to the VR concept and start educators as well as students thinking about how Virtual Reality could be integrated into the curriculum.

Tree World is designed to teach students about tree structures and some of the life processes associated with trees in an interactive, virtual environment.

The VRRV 1st Year Results 12/95 is a comprehensive report on the 1995 VRRV Project, including goals, methodology, successes, and conclusions.

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Last Update: January 3, 1995