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Art and VR

  • Apparitions
    Apparitions is a virtual environment and physical installation that is being shown at the UC San Diego University Art Gallery in La Jolla, California from September 23 through October 30, 1994. This Web site contains text, images and sound files that describe and document the project.

  • (Art)^n Laboratory Virtual Photography/PHSColograms.

  • THE ADDING MACHINE:A Virtual Reality Project, theatrical production at University of Kansas.

  • Banff Centre for the Arts New Media Research with links to the Art and Virtual Environments Project and Gopher.

  • Bar Code Hotel. Bar Code Hotel is an interactive installation for multiple participants (or guests). By covering an entire room with printed bar code symbols, an environment is created in which every surface becomes a responsive membrane, making up an immersive interface that can be used simultaneously by a number of people to control and respond to a projected real-time computer-generated stereoscopic three-dimensional world.

  • George Coates Performance Works

  • Interview with Marcos Novak

  • Ornitorrinco in Eden: A Networked Telepresence Installation.

  • Padded Cell: a virtual environment and physical installation.

  • The Topological Slide by Michael Scroggins and Stewart Dickson, a collaboration in immersive Virtual Reality, in which the participant is able to "surf" mathematical topology. The Topological Slide is also documented in Diana Augaitis, Douglas MacLeod and Mary Anne Moser, eds.; Immersed in Technology: Art and Virtual Environments forthcoming from MIT Press.

  • Virtual Human Body: VIRTUAL HUMAN BODY is a 24-hour live Performance Art event created and performed exclusively on the Internet.

  • Virtuality Entertainment Inc.
  • VR-Art@Gallery, Virtual Reality Art Gallery.

  • VR On Stage - University of Kansas.

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