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Browser Sites

Caligari's new TrueSpace3

Expresss VR

Pueblo [Windows 95, Windows NT, and Windows 3.1]
VR Scout : plugin, Active X Control, and external viewer. [Windows 95, Windows NT]

Community Place: Sony's Virtual Society on the Web. [Windows 95/NT, Java-enabled, VRML 2.0, Netscape]

Cosmo Now Cosmo Player: VRML 2.0 browser. [SGI, Windows 95/NT, VRML 2.0]

Liquid Reality: a modular and extensible VRML 2.0 platform written in Java, which provides both a browser for viewing VRML content and a developers toolkit of Java classes for creating powerful 3D applications.

Live 3D [Windows, Mac, Netscape plugin]

GLView: VRML Browser and 3D File Viewer. [Windows NT/95, VRML 1.0 and 2.0]

i3D: high-speed three-dimensional scene viewer integrated with Mosaic and Netscape. [SGI]

V Realm Browser: 3D viewing, browsing & navigation. [Windows 95/NT, Dec Alpha, VRML 1.0 compliant]

Intervista Software's Worldview Browser, VRML 2.0 compatible plug-in also available. [Windows NT/95]

Laser: freeware virtual reality web browser and programming system. [Windows 3.11/NT/95]

Microsoft VRML 2.0 Viewer for C++: pre-beta. [Windows 95/Internet Explorer 3.01/DirectX 3]

OZ Virtual [Windows 95/NT, DirectX]

Passport: formerly CyberHub Client, plugin that allows you to see and interact with other users in 2D and 3D worlds on the Web. Works with WWW browser and VRML plug-in. [Windows 95/NT, VRML 2.0]

VRweb [SGI IRIX, Sun Solaris, Sun OS, DEC Alpha , DEC ULTRIX , HP-UX , IBM AIX, LINUX, FreeBSD, Windows NT/95/3.x]

ViscapeViscape: VR Web Browser by Superscape. [Windows 95/NT/3.x]

VRwave: VRML 2.0 successor of VRweb [SGI, Sun Solaris, Dec Alpha, Linux/ELF]

WebOOGL: 3D viewer - Geomview, created by The Geometry Center. [SGI, Sun4]

W3D: W3D is a software package that enables users on low-cost workstations to view and interact with Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) data. [SunOS 4.1 or higher]