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Commercial Resources - Hardware - HMD

Head Mounted Displays

CAE Electronics Ltd: Fiber-Optic Helmet Mounted Display (FOHMD)

Fakespace: head coupled displays

Forte: VFX1

General Reality Company: CyberEye

Hughes Training Inc.: ClearVue

Kaiser Electro-Optics:VIM 500HRpv, VIM 100HRpv, SIM EYE 40, SIM EYE 75, SIM EYE 90 (available late 1997), Personal Assistant Headset, Full Immersion PH II

Leep Systems: Cyberface

Liquid Image Corporation: MRG2, MRG3C, MRG

Nissho Electronics Corporation: Olympus Corp. Mediamask - Japan only

n-Vision: Datavisor, VR-Binocular

OIP NV/SA, Delft Sensor Systems: HOPROS

RPI Entertainment: HMD Model 975B - Immersive Visualization Display

Virtul i-O, Inc.: i-glasses

Virtual Research Systems: VR 4, VR 4000, FS5

Virtual Vision: V-Cap 1000 Digital Head -Mounted Unit (DHMU)

Virtuality, Inc.: Visette

Vista Controls: See-Thru-Armor, Vista Vision


3D TV Corp: 3D Magic glasses

3D-MAX: 3D MAX combines a pair of high speed LCD shutter glasses and a PC-adapter.

3D-MAX PC VR World

Sky Linc: Virtual Visor

NuVision: 3-D SPEX

Stereographics: CrystalEyes, SimulEyes

Vrex: VR Surfer

Woobo Electronics: CyberBoy