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Fujitsu CyberCity '96


WaxWeb WaxWeb 2.0 is an interactive film on the WWW that implements a dynamic version of VRML.


Benford, Steve

Communications Research Group

Bruckman, Amy

Electronic Learning Communities Research Group, Georgia Tech


Central Florida, University of

Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL)

Chartered in 1991 to conduct basic research on computers and their use, research projects at MERL tend to be interdisciplinary investigations combining human-computer interaction, social virtual reality, computer netowrks, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, multimedia, and human learning and development. The current project is , Scalable Platform for Large Interactive Networked Environments. Past projects include Diamond Park and the Electronic Meeting Place.

Sony Computer Science Laboratory (CSL)

Sony CSL was founded in 1988 for the sole purpose of conducting research related to computer science. CSL's objective is to "contribute extensively to social and industrial development through original research that looks ahead to the 21st century." Current research is concerned with distributed operating systems, computer networks, programming languages, human-computer interaction, and artificial intelligence, among other research areas.



blaxxun Interactive

BT Laboratories

Circle of Fire Studios Inc.


Cryo Interactive

Electric Communities

Escot Corporation

NTT Software Corporation

Sierra OnLine, Inc.

The Palace, Inc.

WorldPlay Entertainment

Worlds, Inc.


Virtual Society Gallery

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