Duff Hendrickson : 3D animation artist

If you have a fast connection and a recent upgrade of Netscape or Internet Explorer with Cosmo Player click on this vrml2 animation experiment below.
These animated VRML2 files may take a few minutes to download unless you have DSL.

Pictures below are links to VRML2 animations I made

by duff

If you don't have CosmoPlayer for VRML-2 you can download it for IRIX or NT (also Mac Beta Version) at URL
http://cosmosoftware.com/download/ It's 3.1 MB program.

Animation for "NATIVE's" Mark RedFox (see Quicktime movie here)
Skull picture is LINK to movie

Animation for "NATIVE's" Roger Fernandes (see Quicktime movie here)
fishman picture is LINK to movie

Animation for "NATIVE" (see Quicktime movie here)
fishpower picture is LINK to movie

Animation of a trip in space(see 3MB Quicktime movie here)

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