sci.virtual-worlds Reference Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This faq is meant to assist user in finding information on virtual reality. Basic questions such as VR Books, Magazines, and online resources are covered.

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Topics covered in this FAQ:

  1. What are the related VR WWW pages?
  2. VR Books to get you started
  3. VR Magazines and Journals to get you started
  4. What are the VR related newsgroups?
  5. What are the VR related mailing lists?
  6. Information on VRML
  7. Credits

Subject: -1- What are the related VR WWW pages?

There are quite a few VR WWW sites. As a result, there are a number of excellent indices of VR sites available. That's where you should begin:

3D Engines List: [software 3D engines, realtime graphics, virtual reality]

3D Web Site: - [3D computer graphics, job board, commercial listings]

Cardiff's VR Page: - [CardiffMOO Information , MOOs, MUDs]

Chris's VR Stuff: - [VR Hardware, VR Software, Homebrew, 3D Software, VRML]

Computer Graphics page at the UCSC Perceptual Science Laboratory: - [computer graphics research site list]

Dave Snowdon's VR Page: - [VR Hardware, Software, VRML]

Haptics Community Web Page, found at:

Introductions to the various areas of haptics research, a database of researchers, an online library, and a bulletin board

Hot Virtual Reality Sites: - [General VR Links, Research centers]

Ian's Buying Guide: - [VR Hardware, VR Software]

Maddog's studio: - [Vworlds-biz mailing list, VR developers, VR producers]

On the Net: Information Resources in Virtual Reality - [General VR, applications, software, research centers, directory, commerical resources, VRML]

Psychology/VR Resource List - [psychology and VR]

Silicon Graphics' Visual Simulations Applications Directory:[ VR suppliers]

Ultimate Spatial Audio Index. - [Virtual Audio]

Virtual Spaces MUD connections: [MUDs, MUSHs, MOOs, text-based VR]

VR Resources: - [General VR, hardware, articles, companies, VRML]

Weblynx Ultimate Virtual World Library: Contains the Beginners Guide to VRML. [VRML]

Yahoo's Entertainment: Virtual Reality [General VR, Entertainment]


Subject: -2- VR Books to get you started

Adams, L. (1994). Visualization & VIrtual Reality--3D Programming with Visual Basic for Windows. New York, NY: WIndcrest/McGrawHill.

Aukstakalnis, S. and Blatner, D. (1992). Silicon Mirage: The Art & Science of Virtual Reality. Berkeley, CA: Peachpit Press.

Ames, A.L., Nadeau, D.R. and Moreland, J. The VRML Sourcebook. New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons.

Angel, E. (1997). Interactive 3D Graphics: A Top-Down Approach with Open GL. New York, NY: Addison Wesley.

Badler, N. I., Phillips, C. B., and Webber, B. L. (1993). Virtual Humans and Simulated Agents. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

Barfield, W. and Furness, T. (Eds.). (1995). Virtual Environments and Advanced Interface Design. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

Begault, D. (1994). 3-D Sound for Virtual Reality and Multi-Media Applications. San Diego, CA: Academic Press.

Benedikt, M. L. (Ed.). (1991). Cyberspace: First Steps. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

Bertol, D. (1997). Designing Digital Space: An Architect's Guide to Virtual Reality. New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons.

Biocca, F. and Levy, M. R. (Eds.). (1994). Communication in the Age of Virtual Reality. Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Burdea, G. (1996). Force & Touch Feedback for Virtual Reality. New York: John Wiley & Sons.

Brown,R., Earnshaw, R., Jern, M. and Vince, J. (1995). Visualization. New York, NY: John Wiley and Sons.

Burdea, G. and Coiffet, P. (1994). Virtual Reality Technology. New York, NY: John Wiley and Sons.

Carr, K. and England, R. (Eds). (1995). Simulated and Virtual Realities: Elements of Perception. Hampshire, UK: Taylor and Francis.

Chorafas, D. N. and Steinmann, H. (1995). Virtual Reality: Practical Applications in Business and Industry. Indianapolis, IN: Prentice Hall.

Committee on Virtual Reality Research and Development, National Reseach Council. (1994). Virtual Reality: Scientific and Technological Challenges. Washington, DC: National Academy Press.

Cooper, et al. (1994). Virtual Reality Tracking Technology. San Diego, CA: Academic Press.

Earnshaw, R., Jones, H. and Gigante, M. (1993). Virtual Reality Systems. Orlando, Fl: Academic Press.

Earnshaw, R., Vince, J. and Jones, H. (1995). Virtual Reality Applications. London: Academic Press.

Eddings, J. (1994). How Virtual Reality Works. Emeryville, CA: Ziff-Davis Press.

Ellis, S. R. (Ed.). (1991). Pictorial Communication in Virtual and Real Environments (2nd ed). London: Taylor and Francis.

Fishwick, P. (1995). Simulation Model Design & Execution: Building Digital Worlds. Indianapolis, IN: Prentice Hall.

Glassner, A. S. (1994). Principles of Digital Image Synthesis. San Mateo, CA: Morgan-Kaufmann.

Gradecki, J. (1994). The Virtual Reality Construction Kit. New York, NY: John Wiley and Sons.

Gradecki, J. (1994). Virtual Reality Programmer's Kit. New York, NY: John Wiley and Sons

Heim, M. (1993). The Metaphysics of Virtual Reality. New York: Oxford University Press.

Helsel, S. K. and Roth, J. P. (Eds.). (1990). Virtual Reality Practice, Theory, and Promise. Westport, CT: Meckler Publishing.

Hollands, R. (1996). The Virtual Reality Homebrewer's Handbook. New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons.

Jacobson, L. (1993). Garage Virtual Reality. Indianapolis, IN: Sams Publishing.

Jacobson, L. (Ed.). (1992). Cyberarts: Exploring Art & Technology. San Francisco, CA: Miller Freeman, Inc.

Kalawsky, R. (1993). The Science of Virtual Reality and Virtual Environments. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley.

Krueger, M. (1991). Artificial Reality II. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley.

Latham, R., (1995). The Dictionary of Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality," New York: Springer-Verlag.

Laurel, B. (1991). Computers as Theatre. Reading, MA: Addison- Wesley.

Loeffler, C. E. and Anderson, T. (Eds.). (1994). The Virtual Reality Casebook. New York, NY: Van Nostrand Reinhold.

Leston, J., Ring, K. and Kyral, E. (1996). Virtual Reality: Business Aplications, Markets and Opportunities. Videotape available through Look Multimedia.

MacDonald, L. and Vince, J. (1993). Interacting with Virtual Environments. New York, NY: John Wiley and Sons, Inc.

McAllister, D. F. (Ed.). (1993). Stereo Computer Graphics and Other True 3D Technologies. Princeton, NY: Princeton University Press.

McLellan, H. (1994). Virtual Reality: Case Studies in Design for Collaboration & Learning. Westport, CT: Meckler Corp.

Melzer, J.E. and Moffitt, K. W. (1997). Head-Mounted Displays: Designing for the User. New York,NY: McGraw Hill.

Moser, M. A. with MacLeod, D. (1995). Immersed in Technology: Art and Virtual Environments. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

Panos, G. (1995). Virtual Reality Sourcebook.

Perelman, B. (1993). Virtual Reality. New York, NY: Segue Books.

Pesce, Mark. (1995). VRML Browsing and Building Cyberspace

Pimentel, K. and Teixeira, K. (1993). Virtual Reality: Through the New Looking Glass (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Intel/Windcrest/McGraw Hill.

Rheingold, H. (1991). Virtual Reality: Exploring the Brave New Technologies. New York, NY: Simon and Schuster Trade.

Roehl, B. (1994). Playing God, Creating Virtual Worlds. Corte Madera, CA: Waite Group Press.

Roehl, S., Bernie, R. and Eagan, J. (1993). Virtual Reality Creations: Create & Program Virtual Worlds on Your PC. Corte Madera, CA: Waite Group Press.

Rothman, P. (1994). Intelligent Agents, Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality. Indianapolis, IN: Sams Publishing.

Sheridan, T. B. (1992). Telerobotics, Automation, and Human Supervisory Control. Cambridge, MA and London: The MIT Press.

Stuart, Rory (1996). The Design of Virtual Environments. New York: McGraw-Hill

Thalmann, N. and Thalmann, D. (1991). New Trends in Animation and Visualization. New York, NY, USA: Wiley.

Thalmann, N. and Thalmann, D. (1993). Virtual Worlds and Multimedia. New York, NY, USA: Wiley.

Thalmann, N. and Thalmann, D. (1994). Artificial Life and Virtual Reality. New York, NY, USA: Wiley.

Vince J. Virtual Reality Systems. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley

Warwick, K., Gray, J. and Roberts, D. (Eds.) (1993). Virtual Reality in Engineering. Piscataway, NJ: IEEE.

Watson, M. (1996). AI Agents in Virtual Reality Worlds: Programming Intelligent VR in C++

Wexelblat, A. (1993). Virtual Reality: Applications and Explorations. Orlando, FL: Academic Press.

White, J. (1996). Designing 3D Graphics: How to Create Real-Time 3D Models for Games & Virtual Reality. New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons.

Wilson, J.R., D'Cruz, M.D., Cobb, S.V.G. and Eastgate, R.M. (1995). Virtual Reality for Industrial Application: Opportunities and Limitations. Nottingham: Nottingham University Press.

Then, you can't forget science fiction!

Besher, A. (1994). "RIM: A Novel of Virtual Reality". New York, NY: HarperCollins West.

Card, Orson Scott. (1991). "Ender's Game." New York, NY: Tom Doherty Associates. ISBN: 0-812-51349-5.

Gibson, William. (1984). "Neuromancer." New York, NY: ACE Science Fiction. ISBN: 0-553-28174-7.

Gibson, William. (1993). "Virtual Light." New York: Bantam Books. ISBN: 0-553-07499-7.

Jacobson, Karie (Ed.) (1993). "Simulations: 15 Tales of Virtual Reality." New York, NY: Citadel Press.

Stephenson, Neal. (1992). "Snow Crash." New York: Bantam Books.

Vinge, Vernor. (1987). "True Names...and Other Dangers." New York, NY: Baen.

Subject: -3- VR Magazines and Journals to get you started

Cadence: The World's Largest Independent AutoCAD Magazine. Published monthly by Miller Freeman, 600 Harrison St., San Francisco, CA, 94107. ISSN 0887-9141

Collaborative Computing. Collaborative Computing is a new international quarterly journal which covers the areas of group work, collaborative systems, telecommunications, computing and distributed systems.

Communications of the ACM. Published monthly by the Association of Computing Machinery. ISSN 0001-0782.

Computer Graphics Forum: Journal of the European Association for Computer Graphics. Amsterdam : North Holland. ISSN 0167-7055.

Computer Graphics World. Published monthly by PennWell Publishing Company. Subscription inquiries: 918-835-3161. ISSN 0271-4159.

Check out CGW Online at

Computer Graphics. Published by the Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics of the Association for Computing Machinery. ISSN 0097- 8930.

Computers & Graphics: An International Journal of Systems & Applications in Computer Graphics. J. L. Encarnacao, Editor in Chief. New York: Pergamon Press. ISSN 0097-8493. (Vol. 17, No. 6, 1993, special issue on Virtual Reality).

Displays: Technology and Applications. Butterworth Heinemann, Oxford, UK. ISSN 0141-9382.

Emerging Media Report: The Newsletter of VR, TV, CD, & BPC and Entertainment Marketing. Emerging Media Report, Subscription Dept., 250 Mercer Street, #B1303, New York, NY, 10012. Tel: 212 388-0842

Feedback: Virtual Reality Society Newsletter. Bi-monthly publication by the VRS. Informs of VRS developments, as well as the general VR industry.

Human Factors. Journal of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. ISSN 0018-7208.

IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications. Los Alamitos, CA: IEEE Computer Society. ISSN 0272-1716.

IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine. Published monthly by the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. ISSN 0739-5175.

IEEE Spectrum Magazine. Published month by The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. ISSN 0018-9235.

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics. Published by The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. ISSN 1077-2626.

Image and Vision Computing. Butterworth Heinemann, Oxford, UK. ISSN 0262-8856.

Insight: The Visual Performance Technical Group Newsletter. Visual Performance Technical Group, Human Factors Society.

International Journal of Virtual Reality . Editorial Office Richard A. Blade. Ph.D., Editor-in-Chief 2608 North Cascade Avenue, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907 Phone/FAX: 800/333-0220 Email: Business Office J. Fred Henderson, Ed.D., Managing Editor P.O. Box 925, Leadville, CO 80461 Phone: 800/474- 4587 (800/IPI-IJVR) FAX: 719/486-3652 Email:

Interactive Update. Published bimonthly by Alexander and Associates. Alexander and Assoc. is a market research business planning firm specializing in entertainment. Contact Alexander and Assoc., 38 E. 29th St., 10th Fl., New York, NY, 10016. Tel: 212-684-2333, Fax: 212-684- 0291.

IRIS Universe: The Magazine of Visual Computing. Published quarterly by Silicon Graphics, Inc., 2011 North Shoreline Boulevard, Mail Stop 415, Mountain View, CA 94039-7311. Subscriptions are available to qualified users. ISSN 1061-6608. WWW:

Journal of Medicine and Virtual Reality. Publication of the International TeleSurgery Society (ITS). For subscription information contact: Stanley Goldstein, SIG-ADVANCED APPLICATIONS, INC, 1562 First Avenue, Suite 286, New York, NY 10028. Telephone: 212-517-3995 Fax: 212- 861-0588/89.

Journal of the Audio Engineering Society: Audio/Acoustics/Applications. Audio Engineering Society (AES), New York, NY. ISSN 0004-7554 Journal of Visualization and Computer Animation. Published quarterly by John Wiley and Sons Inc., 605 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10158, USA. ISSN 1049-8907.

Optical Engineering. Published monthly by the Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers (Bellingham, WA: SPIE). ISSN 0091-3286. PIX-elation. Bi-monthly publication of VRASP (Virtual Reality Alliance of Students and Professionals. Contact: VRASP PO Box 4139, Highland Park, NJ 08904-4139.

Personal Technologies. Published quarterly. , ISBN 0949-2054. Springer-Verlag London Ltd., Sweetapple House, Catteshall Lane, Godalming, Surrey, GU8 3DJ. Tel: 00 44 1483 415142/Fas: 00 44 1483 415144. Email:

Presence: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments. Published quarterly by the MIT Press, Cambridge, MA 02142. ISSN 1054-7460. Subscription requests should be addressed MIT Press Journals 55 Hayward Street Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142-1399 (617) 253-2889 (617) 258-6779 (fax) E-mail: WWW link:

Real Time Graphics. The Newsletter of Virtual Environment Technologies and Markets, 10/yr, CGSD Corporation [2483 Old Middlefield Way #140, Mt. View, CA, 94043] 415-903-4924, fax 415-967- 5252, e-mail,

Real-Time Imaging. The first issue will be published the first quarter of 1995 by Academic Press, London, UK. Sample copies are available from Marketing Department, Academic Press, 24-28 Oval Road, London NW1 7DX, UK. Fax: 44-71-2670362, or by email, with your full address to:

Realta' Virtuale. [Italian]. Diego Montefusco, editor. Via Rombon 11, 20134 Milano, Italy. 6 issues/year. Tel: +39 02-26412898/Fax: +39 02- 26413279. E-mail:

Simulation. Published monthly by Simulation Councils, Inc. Editorial and Circulation: Society for Computer Simulation (SCS) P.O. Box 17900, San Diego, California 92177. Tel:619-277-3888. ISSN 0037-5497.

Virtualnomics, The Virtual Environments Special Interest Group Newsletter. Available online, WWW:
Volume 1, No. 1.

Volume 2, No. 1.

Volume 3, No. 1.

Volume 4, No. 2

Virtual Reality Monthly. Joe Dysart, Editor and Publisher, Email: Voice: (805) 498-2013/Fax: (805) 499-7014 Virtual Reality Special Report. Published bimonthly by Miller Freeman Inc., 600 Harrison St., San Francisco, CA 94107, Tel: 415-905-2200. ISSN 1074-1038.

Virtual Reality Update. Toni Emerson, editor. [On-line]. This is an electronic publication published quarterly on the Usenet newsgroup sci.virtual-worlds. VRU contains new articles, conference papers and electronic sources that will be added to the comprehensive bibliography, Virtual Interface Technology: Selected Citations to the Literature. Available on the HITL WWW site:

Virtual Reality: Research, Development and Application: The Journal of the Virtual Reality Society. This journal is an official publication of the Virtual Reality Society. There are different subscription rates for the journal, with members receiving the journal at a discounted rate. The rates are as follows: non-members and institutions: UKP175/US$350 and members of the VRS: UKP95/US$190 To subscribe to the journal, contact: Journal Subscription Department, The Virtual Reality Society, PO Box 316, Haywards, HeathWest Sussex, RH17 5YA, UK.

Virtual: Mensile di Realita Virtuale e Immagini di Sintesi. [Italian] Contact: Edizioni Wilson srl, via Ravizza 53/A, 20149 Milano, Italy. Tel: 02/48010171 - 4987826. Fax" -24092-09, email:

Visual Computer: International Journal of Computer Graphics. Official journal of the Computer Graphics Society. Published by Springer International, Berlin. ISSN 0178-2789.

VR News - The Virtual Realty Newsletter. Mike Bevan, editor. Published ten times per year. Cydata Limited, PO Box 2515, London N4 4JW, England; Tel and Fax: (44) 81-292-1498. WWW page:

Subject: -4- What are the VR related newsgroups?

There are many Usenet newsgroups which contain information relevant to various aspects of the diverse virtual-worlds community.

NewsgroupDescripton graphics, art, animation, image processing
comp.human-factorsIssues related to human-computer interaction (HCI)
comp.multimediaInteractive multimedia technologies of all kinds
comp.realtimeIssues related to real-time computing
comp.research.japan The nature of research in Japan (Mod)
comp.simulationSimulation methods, problems, uses. (Mod) Graphics packages and issues on SGI machines
comp.sys.sgi.miscIssues on SGI machines
sci.cognitivePerception, memory, judgement and reasoning.
sci.opticsDiscussion relating to the science of optics.
sci.virtual-worldsVirtual Reality technology and culture. (Mod)

Subject: -5- What are the related VR related mailing lists?

BattleTech VR Mailing List

"Fan" page dedicated to, but not sponsored by, the VR games "BattleTech" and "Red Planet" put out by Virtual World Entertainment. Run by Norman "Beaver-1" Choe and Charlotte "Freya" Henkle, the list offers pilots hints, tips, rumors and stories with pilots around the world, including the international Virtual World sites in Japan and Australia. Representatives from VWE are present on the list, though not in any official fashion. For subscription information, send email to btech-, and an automated reply will be sent to you.

To receive a copy of the FAQ (one is sent when joining the list), send the words "info btech" in the body of a message to "". The FAQ is also available online by ftp and www.


Subject: Building Educational Environments Using Networked Virtual Reality Software.

Purpose: A place for those building educational environments using networked virtual reality software such as MUSE, TinyMUSH and Moo to pool knowledge and discuss issues. E-mail subscription request to with an informal message to subscribe.

Distributed Interactive Simulation Protocol and NPS software implementation, DIS-List: E-mail subscription request to .

DIVE Mailing List

A list for users of the DIVE VR system. The list is called " Mail sent to this address will be sent to all members. To subscribe to this list send e-mail to with "subscribe divers" in the body of the message.

Glove List

The glove-list was created in 1991 to provide a rapid communication channel to hackers adapting the Power Glove for use in low-cost VR systems. J. Eric Townsend,, was the administrator for this list. The actual PowerGlove Mailing list is nonactive. To quote the administrator, "The PowerGlove mailing list is dead. (It fell on its head)." However, there is a great HTML doc available on the WWW:

Haptics List

This purpose of the list is to create a forum for research discussion, questions, etc. as well as to provide information on the latest applications, devices, software, etc

To subscribe to the list, send a message to with SUBSCRIBE HAPTICS in the body. The Subject: will be ignored. Upon subscription, you will receive more information about the list, and how to obtain information on list operation.

If there are any problems, please send a message to or myself at


Non-commercial list server for those interested in "low-cost" virtual reality devices. To join, send e-mail: with subject of "subscribe."

Immersion Quest

Not exactly a mailing list, but I didn't have anywhere else to put it. Part of Howard Rheingold's site, this "conversation" is with the wise and funny Linda Jacobson (Silicon Graphics very own VR guru). You'll hear about events and occurrences relevant to virtual reality, "experiential computing," and immersive technologies and applications. To get there, and click on "Conversations". Linda's "Immersion Quest" is listed under "Edge Tech Conversations".

Managed by Michael Zyda at Naval Postgraduate School.
To subscribe to infobahn:
Send email note to
Put in the body of the message (brackets unnecessary).

To post to infobahn:
Send the post to
You must be a subscriber to post.

Iris On-Line:

This is a mailing list based on the SGI monthly news magazine. The types of articles published are: SGI press releases, SGI and related product announcements, technical articles, training course schedules and general information regarding SGI products and services. To subscribe, E-mail: and put the message "subscribe nyn-emag". You can also subscribe at:

PowerGlove Serial Interface (PGSI) Send mail to

RenderWare List ftp site A mailing list for information about RenderWare If you want to join the list send mail to with the first line: "subscribe RW-LIST <Full Name>".


To subscribe to the VeRGe-Events mailing list, send a message to: with the message: "subscribe verge-events" in the body of the message.

VIRTPSY - Virtual Reality Psychology

VIRTPSY is open to researchers, practitioners, and students of psychology who are interested in the social contracts and interactions within the enviroments known as Virtual Reality. It shall explore the impacts of both text and graphic based enviroments on these new avenues of interpersonal relations. VIRTPSY is available by free subscription. To subscribe, send an email message to: LISTSERV@SJUVM.STJOHNS.EDU No subject heading is needed. In the BODY of the message write the following: SUBSCRIBE VIRTPSY First Name Last Name


The Mailing List, sci.virtual-worlds is bounced off a BITNET site, UIUCVMD at the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign. To sign on this list, send a mail message to or

The body of the message should read: . Put your full name as a replacement for , of course. Greg Newby is the administrator for virtu-l. To post messages send to: or Any questions about the list should be directed to him at:


The vworlds-list is an unmoderated list with the charter to discuss the aesthetic and artistic aspects of virtual worlds freed from technical constraints. To subscribe, send mail to for instructions. List Owner: Kevin Goldsmith, email:

VWorlds Mailing List
The Virtual Worlds Artist's Mailing list. For information on subscribing, you can send mail to

Vworlds-biz Mail List

The list includes topics about any virtual world business from text-based muds to 3D Quake-like worlds, to full body-armor VR. To subscribe regular list, send mail to: with this in the body: subsingle OR subsingle youraccount@youraddress

subscribe digest, send mail to: with this in the body: subscribe OR subscribe youraccount@youraddress

VR Net

Mailing List for VR Professionals. Posting address: Administrative Address: (VR Professional Association)

WTK - World ToolKit SIG

If you would like to join, send email to with in the body of the message the text "subscribe". Maintained by NASA Ames Research Center, to submit postings email:

Subject: -7-Information on VRML

usenet groups:



The best place to start for information on VRML is the SDSC Repository at:

For an uptodate listing of the VRML WWW sites that _I_ know about, please check my "On the Net" document:

VRML Mailing Lists

VRML Mailing List, http://vag,
To join the VRML standards discussion, please subscribe to the www-vrml mailing list. Send mail to: With a single word in the message body, "subscribe".

VRML Lists at SDSC,
Technical discussion on describing behaviors within VRML. Topics include how to add interaction and animation behaviors to VRML, scripting language issues, implementation details, and so forth Unmoderated.
Technical discussion on geometry description issues in VRML. Topics include features of current and proposed geometric primitives, import/export tools, compatibility with existing systems, implementation details, performance issues, cross-platform issues, and so forth. Unmoderated.
Technical discussion on the use of VRML in visualization. Topics include problems with the current VRML specification, suggestions for future VRML features, and design of a standard prototype set for visualization applications. Unmoderated

Online VRML Publications

VRML Review

VRMLSite Magazine

VRML Update


VRML Books and Magazines

Complete list of VRML Books is available at the VRML Repository:

VRML Browsing and Building Cyberspace by Mark Pesce

VRML Sourcebook by Ames, Nadeau and Moreland.

Subject: -8- Credits

Comments about, suggestions about or corrections to this posting are welcomed. If you would like to ask me to change this posting in someway, the method I appreciate most is for you to email me the proposed change. Make sure to indicate the section; preferably attaching the original "text" that you propose to change as well.

The following people assisted in the creation of this article:

Aaron Pulkka for his work in writing the _MetaFAQ_. Mark DeLoura for his work on the original FAQ, _TheRealFAQ_.

This article was originally written by: Toni Emerson,