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Virtual Reality WWW Sites, Pages and Compendiums

Last Update: February 25, 1997

3D Web Site

Ben's VR Links. Benjamin Watson at Georgia Tech has compiled a good compendium of links to other indexes, VR Journals, conferences, corporations, organizations, HMDs, Art & Culture and so on. What makes this page unique are his links to Japanese Research and Asian & Pacific Research.

Cardiff's VR Page By Andrew Wilson.

This page focuses on MOO information (CardiffMOO), there are also links to Internet VR Sites and People in the Internet VR community.

Computer Graphics page at the UCSC Perceptual Science Laboratory. This is a great list of labs doing solid research in computer graphics. The main problem with this page are the graphic logos for each lab. The page takes awhile to load up because of the logos.

Digital Media Library - University of Central Florida: Virtual Environments and Communities

Hot Virtual Reality Sites

The Distributed VR Resource Page and FTP site. This site is maintained by the administrator of the Distributed VR mailing list.

Hand, Chris. Chris is a member of the VR online community. His pages are always thorough and up-to-date. There is a good representation of Homebrew VR information.

Kelly, Dermot. VR Page. last update: September, 1995

Kizzy's WWW VR page. See section, WWW VR Sites in Japan.

Kooper, R. Meta Virtual Environments . Last update: May 30, 1995

Lara's VR Page. Last update: May, 1996

Minksy, Margaret Haptics, People, Places and Things

Maddog's studio,maddog's studio is a mothership for producers and developers in Virtual Worlds. The virtual worlds include anything from text-based MUDs, to 2D graphics and Web-based, to 3D VRML and Quake-like worlds.

Nat's Virtual Reality Index: by Nat Pryce

Rheingold, H.'s Virtual Community's Virtual Worlds Resources

Sheneman, L. Luke Sheneman's VR Home Page

SunSite Virtual Reality Archive

Snowdon, Dave: VR Page. Snowdon is a Research Assistant at Nottingham University with the Communications Research Group working on VirtuOsi - a project which aims to build collaborative virtual environments, DEVRL the Distributed Extensible VR Laboratory project, and Co-Tech WGXIII. He also also maintains the UK VR-SIG WWW pages.

Virtual Reality Publishing: Introduction to VR, VR Applications, Homebrew VR, VR Cartoons, Glossary, VR Links, VR Books.

Virtual Spaces MUD connections.

EInet Galaxy's Guide to VR .

Virtual Reality and other Oxymorons

Virtual Reality compiled by Henry W. Targowski.

Virtual Reality Information Center (in German).

Yahoo's Entertainment: Virtual Reality

Yanagida, Yasuyuki's Virtual Reality on Network. For VR Research in Japan see section: Organization/Laboratories in Japan in this page.

The Encyclopedia's section on Virtual Environments

WebStar's VR Web Page

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