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Virtual Reality: Who's Who Directory

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Adelstein, Bernard D., Researcher in the Advanced Displays and Spatial Perception Laboratory, NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA.

Aspin, Rob. R.A. at University of Lancaster working on the Devrl VE project. See also his personal Devrl pages.

Azuma, Ronald's page at UNC. He's now at Hughes Research Laboratories, still a lot of good info here though.


Bell, John: Lecturer in Chemical Engineering at University of Michigan. Director of Virtual Reality in Chemical Engineering Laboratory (VRiChEL).

Benford, Steve. Nottingham University. Distributed Extensible Virtual Reality Laboratory (DEVRL) project info.

Benjamin, Ivor: Theatre director and a systems analyst, engaged in PhD research at the Centre for Human-Computer Interaction Design, City University, London UK

Bergamasco, Massimo. Assistant Professor, PERCRO, Scuolo Superiore S. Anna, Pisa Italy.

Biocca, Frank. University of North Carolina. Dr. Biocca's research examines the psychology of media use . He is particularly interested in how new technologies can be used to help people find, use, and understand important information and news as well as how the long term use of a medium alters the way people think.

Bruckman, A.: ssistant Professor at the College of Computing at Georgia Tech, esearch on virtual communities and education, founder of MediaMOO.

Bishop, Gary. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill - Dept. of Computer Science.

Bletter, Nat. SRI International, Virtual Perception Group.

Brain, Jim.. Brain Innovations International.

Britton, Benjamin. Creator, Producer, Director of the LASCAUX virtual reality project. Assistant Professor, Electronic Art; Fine Arts, School of Art; College of Design, ARchitecture, Art and Planning; University of Cincinnati.

Brutzman, Don. Naval Postgraduate School. Career Goal: Design and implement a large-scale networked underwater virtual world. Integrate sensors, models and datasets for real-time interactive use by scientists, underwater robots, ships and students of all ages.

Brooks, Frederick P.. UNC-Chapel Hill.

Burdea, Grigore C.: Rutgers CAIP Virtual Reality Lab.


Caudell, Thomas P.. EECE Department, University of New Mexico.

Cremer, James. Associate Professor, Computer Science Department, University of Iowa, USA.

Cruz-Neira, Carolina. Dr. Cruz is a Litton Assistant Professor at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department and an Associate Scientist at the Iowa Center for Emerging Manufacturing Technology at Iowa State University.


Darken, Rudy. Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Naval Postgraduate School

Dede, Chris. Full Professor at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, where he has a joint appontment in the Schools of Information Technology & Engineering and of Education.

De Fanti, T. A.: Thomas A. DeFanti, Ph.D., is director of the University of Illinois at Chicago's (UIC) Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL), a professor in the department of electrical engineering and computer science, and director of the UIC Software Technologies Research Center. He is also the visiting associate director for virtual environments at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Delaney, Ben. Founder, Publisher and Editor of CyberEdge Journal.

Durlach, Nathaniel I.. A Senior Scientist in the Sensory Communication Group of the Research Laboratory of Electronics.


Ellis, Stephen R. Head of the Advanced Displays and Spatial Perception Laboratory in the Human and Systems Technologies Branch of the Flight Management and Human Factors Division of the NASA Ames Research Center.


Feiner, Steve. Director of Computer Graphics and User Interfaces Labratory at Columbia University.

Fisher, Scott. Founder of Telepresence Research, for the research of first-person media, and development of Virtual Environment and Remote Presence systems and applications.

Fleischmann, Monika. Research Artist/Artistic Director of Visualization and Media Systems Design at the German National Research Center for Information Technology (GMD).

Fuchs, Henry. Dept. of Computer Science, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

Funkhouser, Thomas. Lucent Technologies

Furness, Thomas. Director of the Human Interface Technology Lab!


Glassner, Andrew. Researcher in the Graphics Group of Microsoft Research, in the Advance Technology Division of Microsoft Corporation.

Gromala, Diane. Director, New Media Research Lab.

Greuel, Christian: Designer of Virtual Environments, Fakespace, Inc.


Hand, Chris: Dept. of Computing Science, School of Computing Sciences, De Montfort University. Great information pages.

Hawkes, Rycharde, Hewlett Packard Labs, Bristol.

Heckbert, Paul. Editor of Graphics Gems IV.

Heim, Michael. VR Author, Lecturer. Lectures.

Held, Richard M.. A principal research scientist in the Sensory Communication Group of the Research Laboratory of Electronics.

Hibbard, Bill. Scientist, Space Science and Engineering Center.

Hodges, Larry. Associate Professor in the College of Computing and Associate Director, Industrial Relations Graphics, Visualization, and Usability Center

Hollerbach, John M.. Director of University of Utah's Biorobotics Laboratory.

Hollands, Robin. Dept. of Automatic Control & Systems Engineering, Sheffield University.

Charles E. Hughes. Professor, Computer Science; Digital Media Laboratory, University of Central Florida.

Hunter, Ian. Mechanical Engineering Department at MIT.



Jacoby, Rick. Senior Systems Analyst at Sterling Software, specializes in computer graphics.

Johnson, W. Lewis. Dr. Johnson is a Project Leader of the Educational Technology Group at the USC / Information Sciences Institute and Research Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Southern California (USC).


Kollack, Peter. University of California, Los Angeles, USA. Department of Sociology, UCLA Center for the Study of Online Community.


Lanier, Jaron.

Cathy Lascara, Ph.D. Research assistant Proffesor, Virtual Environments Lab, Old Dominion University. VR in Oceanography.

Lateiner, Joshua S.
Joshua S. Lateiner started Lateiner Dataspace Corporation in 1992 to develop Dataspace, a 3D, distributed shared object space. In 1993, Lateiner Dataspace and Kendall Square Research proposed a Voxel-VR (Volumetric Virtual Reality) Virtual Surgery system to ARPA. He also helped Vox-L Inc. develop the Vox-L Stereoscopic Workstation, which places volumetric image data (like MRI, CT, or geophysical data) into Voxel-VR using stereoscopic glasses and a three-dimensional pointer.

Laurel, Brenda: Interval Research.

Loeffler, Carl. Simlab at Carnegie Mellon University

Loftin, R. Bowen. Professor of Computer Science, Director of Virtual Environment Technology Laboratory and Professor of Physics (University of Houston-Downtown).


MacIntyre, Blair . CS Dept. at Columbia University. Research done within the context of the Computer Graphics Lab Research in Augmented Reality.

Machover, Carl of Machover Associates. Marketing consultancy on multimedia, computer graphics, and VR.

McCandless, Jeffrey W. post-doctoral researcher at NASA Ames Research Center, computer vision and virtual environments.

McLellan, Hilary. Dr. McLellan is an expert concerning the educational and psychological implications of virtual reality.

Milgram, Paul. Director of ETC-Lab, University of Toronto. President and CEO of Translucent Technologies, Inc.

Minsky, Margaret. Haptics Research, MIT.

Mon-Williams, Mark. Perceptual Motor Laboratory, Department of Human Movement Studies, The University of Queenland.

J. Michael Moshell. Professor; Institute for Simulation and Training and Computer Science Department , University of Central Florida.


Naimark, Michael.

Newby, Greg. Manager of VIRTU-L mailing list, Assistant Professor in Graduate School of Library and Inforamtion Sciences at University of Illinoise at Urbana-Champaign.


Orr, Joel. President and Executive Director of Virtual Worlds Society.


Panos, Greg. Writer, consultant and teacher specializing in the exciting new field of "Virtual Reality" and emerging new media technology.

Pantelidis, Veronica Co-Director of Virtual Reality and Education Laboratory, East Carolina University. Pausch, Randy. Carnegie Mellon University

Pentland, Alex. Head, Perceptual Computing Section, The Media Laboratory

Pesce, M. Talks about the history of VRML, and a path for our collective future, as a community, under the guidance of a VRML consortium.

Psotka, Joe. Army Research Institute

Rheingold, Howard. Author of the VR classic--Virtual Reality.



Reddy, Martin. Research Engineer in Artificial Intelligence Center at SRI International.

Rekimoto, Jun. Sony Computer Science Lab Inc. [Augmented Reality, Information Visualization and Virtual Reality]

Roehl, Bernie. Software developer in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo.

Rosen, Joseph M. Associate Professor of Surgery, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

Rolland, Jannick. Dept. of Computer Science, UNC-Chapel Hill. Image quality for medical imaging; perception in virtual environments; optics for head-mounted displays.

Roy Ruddle, BSc, CEng, MBCS, Cardiff University of Wales. Co-investigator for Networked Virtual Laboratory for Experimental Psychology.

Ruston, Simon, Research Associate, Dept. of Psychology, Edinburgh University.


Sandin, Daniel J., Director - Electronic Visualization Lab, School of Art and Design, University of Illinois at Chicago.

Sharkey, Paul: Virtual Reality Research Group, Department of Cybernetics, University of Reading, UK.

Thomas B. Sheridan: MIT ITS Research Program.

Sherman, William. VR Coordinator at NCSA Virtual Environment Lab.

Slater, Mel. Department of Computer Science, Research Group in computer graphics and virtual environments, University College London.

Starner, Thad.MIT Media Lab, Wearables Group.

Steed, Anthony. Manager of the Graphical Environments and Multi-media Lab (GEM) at Advanced Computing Environements Laboratory, University of London, Dept. of Computer Science.

Snowdon, Dave. Research Assistant at Nottingham University with the Communications Research Group working on the DTI/EPSRC funded VirtuOsi - a project which aims to build virtual environments to support virtual organisations, DEVRL the Distributed Extensible VR Laboratory project, and HIVE a project investigating the construction of large scale collaborative virtual environments.

Stone, Robert: Director of Virtual Enivonments Research Unit, University of Salford.


Thalmann, Daniel. Direcotor of Computer Graphics Lab, EPFL.

Thalmann, Nadia Magnenat: Professor of Computer Science at the University of Geneva, Switzerland and Adjunct Professor at HEC Montreal, Canada. Director of Miralab.



Varney, Sean. VR artist/VR art-world Designer and administrator of the VR-ART@ web site.


Warner, Dave. Medical Neuroscientist. Head of Institute for Interventional Informatics.

Warwick, Kevin. : Virtual Reality Research Group, Department of Cybernetics, University of Reading, UK.

Weghorst, Suzanne. Director of Human Factors and Interface Design, Project Manager of Medical Interaces Research Group and Advanced Interfaces Project.

Wexelblat, Alan. Ph.D. student at the MIT Media Lab.

Wheless, Glen, Ph.D. Research assistant Proffesor, Virtual Environments Lab, Old Dominion University. VR in Oceanography.

Wilson, John. Director of VIRART at University of Nottingham.

Wolfe, Terry. twolfe@esu3.esu3.k12.ne.us. Virtual Reality Roving Vehicle Project Manager in Nebraska at Educational Service Unit #3. VRML worlds on the web, in Nebraska.




Zeltzer, David. Principal Research Scientist in the Sensory Communication Group of the Research Laboratory of Electronics, MIT.

Zimmerman, Thomas. Currently working on a Personal Area Network (PAN). Body mounted devices (e.g.; watches, wallets) digitally communicate through the human body using electric fields.

Zyda, Michael. Professor in the Dept. of Computer Sciences at the Naval Postgraduate School and Senior Editor for Virtual Environments for PRESENCE.

Human Interface Technology Laboratory

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