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ARToolKit has an active community of many thousands of users, including many who participate in the ARToolKit mailing list and the ARToolKit on-line forum. There is also an archive of most of the messages posted to the email list.

If you are new to ARToolKit, you may find plenty of others have successfully solved the same problems you face in learning about the toolkit and building your first AR applications. Try searching the forum for one or two keywords specific to your problem.


Mailing Lists

If you have some experience with ARToolKit or AR in general, you will find excellent discussion of ARToolKit and AR in general and excellent community of AR users on the ARToolKit mailing list. There are also a number of prominent researchers in the field of AR who post from time to time.

The purpose of this mailing list is primarily to facilitate the exchange of concepts, improvements, complex technical problems, or new projects related to ARToolKit (interaction technique, software, tracking, etc.) amongst the AR research and development community.


  • subscribe to the list
  • post a message
  • set your subscription options
  • see the list archives since August 2007, or
  • unsubscribe

please click here to go to the ARToolKit mailing list info page.

Usage notes:

Before sending an email at the mailing list to ask for help, we advise you to:

In other cases, don't forget to specify in your email: Platform (machine type, CPU, OS, compiler), Devices (camera type, display device), ARToolKit Version.

If you want discuss generic AR subjects (HMD, TabletPC, applications), you may also find value in the ARForum Mailing List (lots of community members are on the two mailing lists).


There is also an online discussion forum which contains a set of ARToolKit discussion groups. To view and post messages to the online forum visit here.


ARToolKit is a community supported project. Contributions from the community has resulted in many enhancements and bug fixes.

Please join the community, and contribute your bug reports, patches, feature requests and ideas!

Following are some of the people who have made substantial contributions to the original ARToolKit code base since its release by Hirokazu Kato and Mark Billinghurst:

  • Philip Lamb (Project management, Macintosh video library)
  • Julian Looser (documentation)
  • Raphael Grasset (examples, documentation)
  • Thomas Pintaric (Windows video library)
  • Uwe Woessner (YUV Linux patch)
  • Wayne Piekarski (IEEE1394 Linux Support)
  • Hartmut Seichter (Linux Gstreamer video support)