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ARToolKit is used by over 300 researchers worldwide for a very diverse set of projects. These include:

The BlackMagic kiosk: A history book showing virtual imagery from the history of the American's Cup. This was shown for six months in New Zealand to over 410,000 people. Click here for more information.
  The MagicBook: An exploration into how a normal story book can be used to transport people seamlessly from reality to immersive virtual reality. The MagicBook won the 2001 Discover Award for best entertainment application. Click here for more information.
AR Groove: A tangible music interface in which the motion of real records was used to compose electronic music. AR groove was shown at Siggraph 2000. Click here for more information.
3D-Live: An interface for remote collaboration. Users can see life-sized virtual video of remote people superimposed over the real world in front of them. Click here for more information.
HandHeld Augmented Reality: This project makes first steps to bring augmented reality onto truly mobile devices. The SignPost application guides a user through an unknown building by showing a variety of navigation hints. Click here for more information.
PyARTK: This software is an interactive computer graphic interface that displays molecules concurrently with the physical models during manipulation. Click here for more information.
Magic Meeting: The first commercially available mixed reality system for collaborative design review scenarios. Click here for more information.
FaiMR (Furniture Assembly Instructor in MR) : The idea of this work is to connect manual instruction directly to the parts of a piece of assembled furniture. Mixed reality is used which combines reality (grabbed by a webcam) with additional information using common computer graphics in 2D and 3D which are overlayed. Click here for more information.
AR-Planning Tool: A virtual construction set in augmented reality. Click here for more information.
ARCO: It's a European project that used augmented visualisation of virtual representation of museum artefacts. Click here for more information.

If you want to have your project present on this webpage, just send an email at (name of the project, brief description and a small picture where we see the ARToolKit marker).