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Feature List
  • A simple framework for creating real-time augmented reality applications
  • A multiplatform library (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, SGI)
  • Overlays 3D virtual objects on real markers ( based on computer vision algorithm)
  • A multi platform video library with:
    • multiple input sources (USB, Firewire, capture card) supported
    • multiple format (RGB/YUV420P, YUV) supported
    • multiple camera tracking supported
    • GUI initalizing interface
  • A fast and cheap 6D marker tracking (real-time planar detection)
  • An extensible markers patterns approach (number of markers fct of efficency)
  • An easy calibration routine
  • A simple graphic library (based on GLUT)
  • A fast rendering based on OpenGL
  • A 3D VRML support
  • A simple and modular API (in C)
  • Other language supported (JAVA, Matlab)
  • A complete set of samples and utilities
  • A good solution for tangible interaction metaphor
  • OpenSource with GPL license for non-commercial usage