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Welcome to the HIT Lab VRML Repository.

Project Description

This site was created to catalogue VRML files representing projects created at or in association with the HIT Lab, and to serve as a "living document" to disseminate what we have learned about VRML in the process. This page is under heavy-duty construction, of course, but we hope to share with you our attempts to document our virtual environments in a format which is widely accepted as a World Wide Web standard for three-dimensional models. Many VRML browsers will load our files, but we recommend SGI's Webspace or Paper Inc's Live3D (please see our notebook for more information about our recommendations).

The process of discovery is a two-way street. If you have any comments, questions, or compliments regarding this repository, please do not hesitate to contact us at diderot@hitl.washington.edu

Work in Progress

We are currently in the proccess of converting our VRML 1.0 files to 2.0. If you have any questions or comments regarding our file conversion in particular, please feel free to contact ajones@hitl.washington.edu.

Repository Projects

HIT Lab Gallery

To explore the characteristics and limitations of architectural metaphor in the virtual realm, a gallery was designed to organize and demonstrate the HIT Lab's architectural virtual environments. All VRML files accessible below can also be reached from the gallery. For more information about the design of the gallery, please see Dace Campbell's thesis Web site.


In conjunction with the University of Central Florida's Polyshop, the HIT Lab has created the TreeTown project to enable rapid prototyping of virtual environments. For more information, please see our TreeTown Web site.


The HIT Lab's GreenSpace project enables multiple participants to inhabit and interact in real-time in distributed, networked virtual environments. For more information, please see our GreenSpace Web site.

The CEDeS Lab

The Community and Environmental Design and Simulation Laboratory (CEDeS Lab) is the joint effort between the HIT Lab and the UW College of Architecture and Urban Planning. It was created to research, teach, and outreach to the community regarding the imp act of digital technology on the built environment. For more information, please see our CEDeS Lab Web site.



Students at the UW College of Architecture and Urban Planning (CAUP) have created virtual environments as part of their design studios. For more information about the CAUP, please see the UW CAUP Web site.


Many of the HIT Lab's older virtual environments have been converted to VRML for archival purposes.

Consortium Spiral

Click on this link to go directly to a VRML world that honors our Consortium members. Navigate within a spiral that contains clickable billboards for each Consortium member. Click on a billboard to go to their informational web page.

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